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The controller of PREM1ERE SRL, based at via Nazionale Terza Traversa n° 3, in Palese (BA), CAP 70128, VATIN 07472410724 (hereinafter “Premiere“), in addition to the requirements laid down by the Privacy Policy (link to the relevant Privacy Policy webpage) wishes to inform the Users on the use of cookies on (the “website“).
Cookies are small text strings the website sends to the User’s terminal equipment, where they are stored, and later transmitted back to the same website on his subsequent visit. Cookies can be first-party cookies (set by the website Premiere) or third party cookies. Cookies are useful because they enable the website to recognize the user’s device (the ”User“) and to browse the pages, remembering the preferences expressed and making the Users’ experience more convenient (“technical cookies”). In addition, they can ensure that the online advertisments and the offered services are more appropriate for the User and relevant to his interests (“profiling cookies”).

How to disable cookies
In general, it is possible to block cookies entirely; however this would affect the Website browsing experience. All the latest browsers are provided to change the cookie settings. These are usually available in the menu items ‘options’ or ‘preferences’ of your own browser. Read the information below to learn how to set them:

Check the online file to learn how to handle the cookies through other web browsers. For further details, you may consult the ”Help” feature of your web browser.
Pursuant to the regulation of the Data Protection Authority “Identification of the simplified procedures for the policy and consent for the use of the cookies” published on 3 June 2014, the use of the cookies can be consented through simplified procedures following the pop-up of a banner containing the brief information, i.e.: (i) scrolling down any page of the website, (ii) clicking any link belonging to any page of the Website, (iii) clicking “OK” or “X” on the banner containing the brief information about the cookies.

First-party technical cookies
The Website uses the following first-party technical cookies, strictly necessary for the website function. They are:

Characteristics and Purposes
Session cookie
It enables the access to the client area and to make orders..

Pursuant the regulation in force, the use of technical cookies and the carrying out of cookie tratments do not require the Users prior consent.
The User shall also be entitled without prejudice to prevent in any moment the installation of technicalcookies through the settings on his/her Internet browser, following the above instructions, in the knowledge that doing so may cause the User to experience some inconvenience in his/her use of the Site, such as to affect, slow down and, seldom, block the Website browsing.

Third party cookies
The Website also uses statistical analysis cookies (i.e. analytics). It may happen that while the User is browsing our Website, some cookies not managed and controlled directly by the Controller can be stored on his/her device. This happens, for example, when the User visits a page including the contents of a third party website.
The User can disable the cookies of the above listed third parties clicking on the mentioned links. if there are no links, visit to set the User’s cookie preferences.
These cookies, along with the purposes they are used off Website, fall within the sole and direct responsibility of the third party which stores them on the User’s device.
For further information, plase consult the Privacy Policy (link to Privacy Policy).

Managing Cookie Preferences
Whenever you visit any page of the Website, a banner containing the brief information pops up.
The User automatically consents the storage of cookies during the website browsing, accessing another area of the Website or selecting any of its elements (i.e.: of an image or of a link).
It is possible to change and manage the cookie preferences both via the Website and the browser settings:
a. Via the Website:
It is possible to consent or withhold one’s consent to the use of profiling cookies using the link – “managing cookies”. Moreover using the opt-out link, it is possible to disable the third party cookies.
b. Via the browser settings:
If you need, it is also possible to block or cancel the cookies received from the Website or any other website, changing the settings of the browser through the appropriate function.
Here is a list of the links to the instructions of the following browsers:

Please, remind that the disablement of all cookies, even the navigational cookies and the functionality cookies, may cause the User to experience some inconvenience in his/her Website browsing. For example, the User will be able to visit the public pages of the Website, but he/she may not access the reserved areas or make purchases.

Use of other websites
We recommend to read the Privacy Policy and the Cookie Policy of the websites accessed via the links on the Website.
We remind that the preferences for the cookies on this Website will be disabled on other companies’ websites.

Scope of communication and dissemination of data
The data collected through the use of cookies are handled by employees and/or associates of Premiere S.r.l., as being specifically appointed processors or responsible with the data processing.
The data will also be processed by third companies who execute technical and organisational tasks on behalf of Premiere S.r.l. (i.e.: web service providers).
These companies are appointed responsible with the processing.
The data collected through the use of cookies may be transferred abroad, but won’t be disseminated to unknown parties under no circumstances.

Data holder and controller
The controller is Premiere S.r.l., based in Bari at via Nazionale Terza Traversa n° 3 - Palese (BA), CAP 70128 - Italy

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